At Halva, we bake in real time in a commercial bakery setting… This means that all the delicious food we serve you will be both fresh and warm, not to mention very tasty!

We pride ourselves on combining the art of the French patisserie with a fresh, modern twist and good quality, seasonal and well sourced ingredients.

*If you give us 48 hours notice we can make our whole cakes for you and even ice them with a name for special celebrations, with collection to be made in-store.

*All our cakes can be made into cakes to share with 48 hours notice. Available in 7” (feeds 8-12 people), 9” (feeds 16-20 people) or 10" (feeds 20-24).

And when it comes to our coffee, we are just as meticulous and creative! We only use hand-roasted beans sourced from London roasters and we only work with baristas who know how to make consistently good coffee.

We make all our pastries and breads fresh from scratch in small batches, and only the finest ingredients go into them. We bake the right way, without the use of preservatives or stabilizers.

*Many of our cakes contain allergens. Please ask our staff if you wish to confirm the ingredients in any cake. We cannot guarantee that our food is nut free and while several of our cakes are made with Non Gluten Containing Ingredients they are produced in the same kitchen that handles bread and other wheat flours and there is a risk of cross contamination.