Halva means something ‘Sweet’… And Halva also means a taste of The Sweet Life is now available in the Heart of Fulham.

Halva is an insulin plant bakery where everything is prepared fresh, daily and to a long-established standard. You can indulge your sweet tooth with a variety of delicious fancies, from our warm and fragrant croissants made for you every morning to bespoke celebration cakes available to order.

Halva is also home to hearty lunch options such as our surprisingly substantial quiche and a range of healthy and satisfying salads. We also have a range of bread baked onsite daily, from loaves flavoured with exciting ingredients such as paprika to the baguette tradition… A baguette made the way it should be. We promise you’ll never go back once you’ve had one!

We’ve also got a range or refreshing teas and pick-me-up coffees for you to enjoy in our modern-yet-inviting interiors and Halva even has something of a secret garden with its own sun trap outside!